Steps to your perfect body.

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Perfect Diet Plan

A healthy diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains & low fat dairy can help reduce weight properly. A daily diet gives your body the nutrients it need while staying with in yourdaily calorie goal for weight loss.


Personal Nutrition

We provide diet plans according to the body type of an individual. Our program covers scheduled follow-ups, diet accountability and progress monitoring. We assure to create the foundation for healthy, rapid & lasting weight loss.

Exercise Program

The ultimate solution for losing weight and gaining health is walking. Walking does not require money. You can do it at any time you prefer. Results have shown that the people who walk regularly right from the early childhood have maintained their weight and health in good shape. 

Other Benefits

The Liven healthcare’s lifestyle modification & nutrition therapy allows you to successfully control your weight & also helps in the prevention and control of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, joint pain, back pain, difficulty in walking, and loss of funtional mobility.

Our Mentor

Dr. Kiran Rukadikar

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  • Experience

    Ex-Resident In Diabetology, S.L.Raheja Hosp,Mumbai
    Ex-Resident In Critical Care, Sion Hosp, Mumbai
    Clinical Assistant To Dr. Dhurandhar
    Senior Bariatric Physician, Mumbai

  • Publications

    Articles Published In Newspapers “Sakal, Loksatta , Pudhari , Times Of India…” On Different Issues Related To Obesity. Writings In Different Medical Journals On Issues Of Obesity. Articles In Female Oriented Magazines Like – New Women. Articles Published In Medical Newspapers Like Madhu Vartha On Diabetes & Obesity

Our Philosophy

When people and the entire societies of the world think of health and weight loss they have a firm belief that exercises (in and out of the gym) is the first solution . On the contrary it is not. Physical exercises ( inclusive of gym ) are meant for muscular strength , cardiorespiratory fitness , stamina , strength – which are required for sports and professionals of that particular field .People waste time , money and energy by going to gym and doing exercises in the quest of losing weight and gaining health . The ultimate solution for losing weight and gaining health is walking . Walking does not require money . You can do it at any time you prefer. Results have shown that the people who walk regularly right from the early childhood have maintained their weight and health in good shape.

Start walking and see the results. Now when you have started walking – you have saved much on time , money , energy and most of all your thinking process ; we now focus on the most important thing in a humans life – eating. Hourly eating and healthy eating are 2 different things. Hourly eating is for weight loss Healthy eating is for Health ( Eat may not be hourly and should be customized as per the requirement ). Most of Doctor’s have less knowledge about Nutrition and weight Loss Diet . Dietitians’s  have no knowledge about Obesity , Diabetes , Metabolism and how to tackle that. We at LIVEN are qualified Allopathic Doctor’s and Trained Dietitian’s specialized in Obesity , Diabetes , Metabolism and Nutrition. It is a perfect blend of Doctor turned Dietitian – Diet Doctor.

Food is thy Medicine – so get treatment for your weight , diabetes , infertility and heart disease just by eating food properly . “Doctor’s Prescribe medicines according to your body weight , you stitch or buy clothes according to your body weight ….do you eat food according to your body weight”.

Dr Kiran Rukadikar , Chairman and Managing Director of Liven Healthcare Private Ltd has a reach experience of 14yrs in treating Obesity nutritionally . After successfully treating more than 15000 patients in just weight loss and lifestyle diseases he has come to a conclusion that Walking ( for weight loss and health ) and healthy ( and Hourly) eating program is the ultimate , simple and sure weight loss solution . Hence he has designed a program which primarily focus upon the same. The program is unique in its kind as it allows almost all kinds of natural food to eat in good quantity. People here eat more and lose weight . The approach of patients and his clients  towards food and physical activity has changed  and  revolutionized their health and life.

Join wheat revolution and make a revolutionary change in your life .

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