Dr. Bharati Kapoor

Bharati Kapoor is a Counselling Special Education Psychologist, Educational Consultant and Healer. She is General Secretary of Joy Lall Memorial Educational Society, and Director of ODE [Optimising Development in Education.].

She set up ODE in 1999 to deal with children with Learning Disability as till then there was no organization North of Delhi, that dealt with this particular group of children.

She is Executive Director of ODEPQ [Optimising Development in Emotional and Personality Quotient.] which was set up in 2001 which deals with issues like wellness, stress and Dis-eases. She has also set up Tap To Heal, for helping people heal from a myriad of, physical, psychological, and emotional problems.


Ms. Kapoor did her Graduation in 1979 with Honours in Psychology from GCG-11 Chandigarh, and then did her post graduation in Psychology from Punjab University. She is an M.A. M.ed. with a diploma in Guidance and Counselling and also in special education. She is trained in Silva Mind Method, Kinesiology, Instrument Enrichment, Emotional Freedom Technique, Visualisation, Pranic Healing, Angel Healing, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression and many other methods.


She started her career as a corporate trainer in 1986, she trained in various methods of motivation and self actualization. From 1988 to 1994 she worked as a counselor and trainer shifting slowly to the educational field. She has been working in the field of learning disability since 1994. first in Bangalore and has been running an organization working in the field of Learning Disability in Chandigarh since 1999 .She has been a consultant to Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan Chandigarh and Punjab.She has conducted workshops on counseling, developing Academic skills and helping children with learning problems in numerous schools, colleges, and for the forces.She has helped schools develop appropriate curriculums.


Her dream is to set up schools which understand disability and work with kids to enhance their learning. Since 2004 she has been actively training herself in healing, she has since trained in Kinesiology, Transcendental Meditation, EFT-  Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reiki upto 3rd level, she is an Angel Therapist, Colour therapist and Advanced Pranic Healer. 


She is now involved in healing people and helping them to go beyond their limitations.She has developed numerous workshops and their manuals on teaching teachers about Learning disability- Assessment and Remediation, Developing Teachers as counselors, fighting fears and phobia, etc. She has developed a program for Grief counseling. She has attended many national and international conferences. She has organized many of them too. Currently she is working on language development projects for the under privileged .Also she is passionately interested in Alternative healing methods whether Kinesiology, Energy, or Regression. She is spreading awareNess about Mental Health and the role meditation plays in ensuring good mental health. She creates meditations for children , adults and Seniors. She is passionately involved with empowering children with academic difficulties, and believes that empowerment comes through awareness.


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