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What we do?

Our yoga sessions include some newly discovered forms of yoga i.e ACUYOGA & AEROYOGA. We have specially designed ACUYOGA exercises for women & AEROYOGA exercises for kids. According to our yoga students, all exercises have been beneficial for them in achieving their fitness goals and even enhancing their day to day lifestyle. These forms of yoga have helped many of our students to stay fit, have a clear mindset and a peaceful spirit.

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ACU-YOGA is a combination of accupressure & yoga. Combining the breathing techniques & poses of yoga with the pressure points stimulation of acupressure.

Some of the comman benefits are :

*Self Healing *Improves Flexibility *Improve Blood Circulation *Reduces Stress & Trauma *Awakens Spirituality *Corrects Posture *Relaxes Muscular Tension *Improves Sleep *Helps in Weight Loss *Reduces Joint Pain

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AERO-YOGA is a combination of aerobics & yoga. It is a unique, fascinating, creative, playful and effective technique for a physical & psychological well-being.

Some of the common benefits are :

*Improves Flexibility *Enhances Muscle Strength *Improves Posture *Decomposes The Spine *Shapes The Body *Strengthens The Core *Improves Circulation & Breathing *Decreases Water Retention *Improve Bone Density *Reduces Mental Health Problems

Our Mentor

best yoga classes in chandigarh

Dr. Shivani

12+ Years of Experience


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